🖼️7,777 NFT Collection

Satoshi Panda is a collection of 7,777 NFTs designed as a high-vibed movement blending memes and impact. Each NFT is eligible for $SAP & Bitcoin rewards, as well as gamified token-gated experiences.

Representing fun, joy, and wonderment, and a nod to the crypto movement's founder, Satoshi Panda is a wholesome and inspiring expression of tokenized upliftment. Each holder receives exclusive access to experiences, staking opportunities, and more.

NFT Mint Details

Number of NFTs: 7,777 Chain: BNB Chain Mint Date: April 20th, 10 PM UTC Mint Location: https://nft.satoshipanda.io/ Marketplace: https://opensea.io/collection/satoshi-panda-nft SPNFT Contract: 0x9d55914063d3506a00e91c5ffae3f1ca2e554b3a Max NFTs Per Mint: 10 Max NFTs Per Wallet: No Limit

Our NFT mint is LIVE 🥳

How to mint:

1️⃣ Head over to https://nft.satoshipanda.io/ in your browser.

2️⃣ Click connect wallet and connect your preferred wallet. Make sure the network is Binance Smart Chain

3️⃣ Enter the number of $SPNFT NFTS you would like to mint in the input box provided.

4️⃣ Once everything's finalized, click the fancy Mint NFT button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to mint your NFT.

5️⃣ To view your NFTs, visit https://opensea.io/collection/satoshi-panda-nft and connect your wallet. You can view your NFTs in the profile section.

Enjoy and share your NFTs with the community and on Twitter!

Note: As of 2023, OpenSea lists but no longer allows trading of BNB Chain NFTs. You can trade Satoshi Panda NFTs on OKX Marketplace here or on TofuNFT here.

NFT Holder Benefits

  • NFT Staking for SAP & BTC rewards

  • Access Pass to upcoming gamification and gamefi releases

  • 1 NFT = 1 DAO vote (more info here)

  • Access Pass to a Private Club for NFT owners

  • 10 of the first 1,000 owners will be randomly chosen to receive a SAP bonus reward

Traits Infographic

This infographic reveals all of the Satoshi Panda NFT traits along with their specific rarities.

Satoshi Panda Private Club

All owners of Satoshi Panda NFTs automatically become eligible to join and enter the Satoshi Panda Private Club. All members will receive the following benefits:

  • Access our exclusive Private Club for NFT Owners.

  • Direct communication with the Development team and Team members of the Satoshi Panda ecosystem.

  • Privileged information and news regarding any update and upcoming NFT/Gaming/Developmental releases.

  • Additional benefits within roadmap milestones and timelines.

  • Whitelists to other projects and releases

  • And much more!

If you are a Satoshi Panda NFT holder and would like an invite to the Private Club on either Discord or Telegram, you will be able to DM any team member on either Discord or Telegram.

Note: Never send crypto assets or NFTs to anyone.

NFT SAP & BTC Rewards

SAP Rewards will come from the 20% SAP Treasury, with approximately 4B SAP distributed among 7,777 NFTs

Future prices of SAP and the value of what your NFT will bring in + perpetual BTC rewards:

  • $0.0001 = $50 in SAP and perpetual BTC rewards

  • $0.001 (10x) = $500 + perpetual BTC rewards

  • $0.01 (100x) = $5,000 + perpetual BTC rewards

  • $0.1 (1000x) = $50,000 + perpetual BTC rewards

  • $1 (10000x) = $500,000 + perpetual BTC rewards


  • Tier 1 - First 1000 mints: 0.1 BNB

  • Tier 2 - 1001-2000 mints: 0.25 BNB

  • Tier 3 - 2001-5000 mints: 0.5 BNB

  • Tier 4 - 5001-7777 mints: 0.75 BNB

Note: A Special Announcement will be made at the end of Tier 2 of the NFT mint!


  • 50% goes towards Marketing (includes CEX listings)

  • 30% goes towards GameFi, Music Label, DEX, Marketplace, Learn-to-Earn Platform development

  • 20% goes towards Multichain expansion (Base), Buybacks & burns, and Red Panda Extinction Prevention & Preservation

The Satoshi Panda NFT Collection Whitelist Is Closed!

We are happy to announce that we have opened up 101 WL spots for our 7,777 NFT mint!

Since our NFT collection will provide much more than aesthetic PFPs and actually provide rewards for years in both SAP and BTC (plus offer access to gamified experiences and more), we are making sure the biggest supporters of Satoshi Panda get to receive the first opportunity to mint at the lowest prices.

Who is eligible for a spot on the Whitelist:

  • The 55 Presale participants who still have $1+ of SAP as of the time of this announcement

  • Wallets who buy $250+ in SAP from the time of this announcement up until mint day in April

  • Community members who have proven to be great supporters we’ve identified

If you fulfill any of the above, congrats! You will get a spot on the whitelist.

WHITELIST LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MY_Gfnxzv22BZIluYL74QPWqYYFfgCuckkqUb7hvLS4/edit?usp=sharing

NFT Staking

Our upcoming NFT Staking Platform will distribute SAP Rewards that earn additional BTC Rewards.

Mint NFT -> Stake NFT -> Earn SAP Rewards -> Earn BTC Rewards

The more NFTs you have, the more rewards you receive!

Rewards will be distributed from the Rewards Treasury (0xa8EA39E4b86CDD2839a1E4777CF2f83FE111A8ED)

To ensure a sustainable time-release of SAP via NFT Staking, rewards will be distributed to all 7,777 NFTS over time in a way that results in negligible price impact, unlike most other Staking platforms.

Besides distributing SAP Rewards that earn additional BTC Rewards, there will be additional utility-based mechanisms released that deliver additional gamification and value-added experiences.

SAP Utility

We will be introducing major SAP utility and use opportunities during the NFT mint, which will both support the value appreciation of SAP as well as provide a direct ability to use SAP both bought on PancakeSwap and BitMart, as well SAP held and SAP received during NFT staking.

NFT GameFi & Gamification

Planned upcoming utility and entertaining fun experiences for Satoshi Panda NFT holders are coming as well. These will require possessing an NFT within the wallet of the individual looking to participate.

More details will be shared during the NFT mint.

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