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Satoshi Panda’s native token SAP is initially launched on BNB Chain, an L1 EVM blockchain that has proven itself to be an incredibly fast and affordable smart contracts platform to call home. In the future, SAP may be followed by potential expansions to one or two other select chains once certain adoption thresholds are met. SAP is paired with BNB on BNB Chain using what is raises during its presale on PinkSale. For more details on tokenomics, please refer to our Tokenomics section.

Liquidity is fully locked for 2 years on Pinksale.

With just 21,000,000,000 tokens, there is enough for meme appeal while not having so many zeroes that it becomes painful to figure out how much someone has. SAP being hardcapped at 21B tokens is also a nod to Bitcoin’s hardcap of 21M tokens.

Additionally, thanks to the BuyBack & Burn mechanism integrated into the smart contract, SAP is deflationary, which results in less SAP in existence over time.

We're different than other memecoins.

We've meticulously crafted our tokenomics to ensure we have completely sustainable and all-around rewarding mechanisms in place that support our long-term success.

Join the Satoshi Panda family! The Bitcoin rewards are just the start.

Project Launch: February 22, 2024

Contract Address: 0xF251D850898758775958691Df66895d0b5F837AD

Contract Audit by InterFi: https://github.com/interfinetwork/project-delivery-data/blob/main/SatoshiPanda/SatoshiPanda_AuditReport_InterFi.pdf

Recommended Slippage Tolerance Setting: 5.5-6%

Token Name: Satoshi Panda Token Symbol: SAP Decimals: 9 Blockchain: BNB Circulating Supply: 20,620,000,000 (380M Bought Back & Burned as of 3/31/24) Total Supply: 21,000,000,000 Max Supply: 21,000,000,000

Token Distribution:

  • Presale: 40%

  • Initial Liquidity: 25%

  • Rewards: 20%

  • Marketing & Development: 15%

BitMart Liquidity Address: 0xeACB50a28630a4C44a884158eE85cBc10d2B3F10 PancakeSwap Liquidity Address: 0x0010B1D2D807182638D19Ec9b6f5beD3E24a5EF9 SAP Burn Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD SAP Rewards Multisig Treasury: 0xa8EA39E4b86CDD2839a1E4777CF2f83FE111A8ED SAP Marketing & Dev Multisig Treasury: 0x8D8a8BBC3EC1897F7B06eB4A462cb2923bC8558A


Satoshi Panda’s native token has a smart contract that distributes reflections in four directions:

In every buy or sell trade of SAP, the transaction is charged a 5% fee.

Total Taxes: 5%

  • 1% goes to the Marketing & Development Treasury as BNB to keep growing the project & developing more value-adds.

  • 2% goes to SAP holders as Bitcoin on BNB (BTCB) as a reward for holding SAP and supporting the project.

  • 1% Liquidity Fee: Half gets converted into BNB on BNB Chain and paired with the other half (SAP) to autoadd to the liquidity pools to keep liquidity growing forever

  • 1% Buyback Fee: 1% of BNB from every transaction is used to buy back SAP tokens. BNB is stored in a special contract and called to buy back SAP & burning it, supporting its value.

Locked LP, Buyback & Burn & Autoadded Liquidity

All initial liquidity for SAP is locked for two years.

Additionally, 1% of every transaction fee becomes autoadded to our SAP/BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap and 1% goes towards SAP buyback & burn to support SAP’s value while decreasing the supply.

1% goes to the Marketing & Development Treasury as BNB. The Satoshi Panda treasury is held by a multisig on Safe.global that requires at least 3 people to sign every transaction before it can be executed.

The SAP smart contract accrues BNB from transactions made on decentralized exchanges on BNB which is then used for manual contract calls that trigger SAP buybacks & burns. Both of these functions exist together, meaning every single time a SAP buyback occurs, the smart contract then burns the SAP and sends it to the burn address, which can be tracked on BSCScan.

As of April 1st, 2024, approximately 2% of the total supply of SAP has been bought back & burned.

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