Satoshi Panda is a wholesome, high-vibed, and fun meme culture project and NFT collection that also helps people become a part of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution through rewarded support, as well as being on a mission to protect the few thousand red pandas still in existence. Satoshi Panda will continue to expand as it grows and matures, all while staying true to it guiding principles and ethos.

Trust & Transparency

In the cryptocurrency space, trust needs to be earned. We place great importance on our project becoming a model for other meme projects to emulate. This is why we have taken steps to demonstrate we are a trustworthy long-term project, such as locking liquidity for 2 years, having our smart contract audited by a third party, and actively and openly communicating with our community.

Financial Sovereignty

Satoshi Nakamoto launched BTC at the height of a major financial crisis because he saw the flaws of TradFi. The flaws are more obvious than ever, making it high time to get on the crypto train to financial freedom.

Without Bitcoin, there would be no Ethereum, no Dogecoin, no BNB...nothing! This is why we are ensuring the original guiding principle of crypto continues to guide it as the stability of the traditional centralized financial system becoming increasingly shaky.

Wholesome Community

We pride ourselves in being a community and movement that can have fun without being disrespectful to one another. The more memes, the merrier! If you see crypto’s revolutionary power, love cute red pandas & don’t take things too seriously, you’ve found the right project! Join our community on Discord and follow us on Twitter as well, and join us on Telegram.

Anyone who believes in the crypto revolution Satoshi Nakamoto started and likes cute red pandas is welcome!

Together, we can expand Satoshi’s vision through the power of memeing while simultaneously saving the few thousand red pandas left from extinction.

Rewarding Ecosystem

We strongly believe in the spirit of giving and that when you give you receive.

This is why whenever there is a transaction with our native token, 2% goes to SAP holders as Bitcoin in the form of BTCB.

Future rewarding mechanisms will be introduced, including an NFT Staking program distributing SAP rewards that also then rewards BTCB to staked NFTs.

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