🅱️Bitcoin Rewards

Thanks for a 2% tax going towards Bitcoin (as BTCB on BNB Chain) to all holders of at least 1 SAP at a minimum of 1 hour between distributions, the more SAP trading volume there is, the more Bitcoin distributed.

To determine the amount of BTCB distributed daily in total to SAP holders, take the total daily volume and multiply it by 2%.

BTCB rewards accrue in the holding contract:


BTCB Address: 0x7130d2A12B9BCbFAe4f2634d864A1Ee1Ce3Ead9c

Note: The SAP contract is optimized for gas, hence a trigger transaction (buy, sell, or transfer) necessary for distributing accrued BTCB.

BTC Rewards Moon Math

  • SAP at $1M/day volume: $20K in BTC Rewards

  • SAP at $20M/day volume: $400K BTC Daily Rewards (BABYDOGE vol)

  • SAP at $1B/day volume: $20M BTC Daily Rewards (FLOKI volume)

  • SAP at $2B/day volume: $40M BTC Daily Rewards (SHIB volume)

$20K x 30 = $600K monthly BTC rewards distributed $400K x 30 = $12M monthly BTC rewards distributed

$20M x 30 = $600M monthly BTC rewards distributed

$40M x 30 = $1.2B monthly BTC rewards distributed (this triggers a Bitcoin supply shock where we can help send the price of BTC to into six figures)

Rewards Estimator

An exclusive tool we have released is our Rewards Estimator.

With this tool, you can input the amount of SAP you own and see how much you can expect in BTC rewards on a daily and monthly time frame.

Rewards Estimator: https://satoshipanda.io/estimate-rewards/

Note: Since SAP is now on both PancakeSwap and BitMart, you will need to view the total volume for SAP on CoinMarketCap and then multiply by the percentage of volume on either BitMart or PancakeSwap, depending on where your SAP is located.


$300,000 24-hour volume in total

-$200,000 on PancakeSwap & $100,000 on BitMart

-$200,000 / $300,000 = 0.67

If the Rewards Estimator tells you that you earned $100 in daily BTC rewards, you will need to multiply that amount by 0.67, meaning you are likely to receive around $67 in BTCB rewards.

Input how much SAP you have and see how much Bitcoin you're estimated to receive daily based on today's volume!

Remember: the higher our volume, the larger your daily rewards will be!

We've also added several of your favorite memecoins to compare how much you will earn once we reach their volume levels. These include:


  • WIF


  • PEPE

  • SHIB

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