Satoshi Panda DAO

The Satoshi Panda DAO has been born! ✨

In the spirit of decentralization and community governance, the DAO is designed for Satoshi Panda NFT holders to have a say in how the ecosystem evolves and makes important decisions.

The Satoshi Panda DAO is controlled by the will of the community based on proposals brought to the Satoshi Panda team by the community, utilizing SPNFT (Satoshi Panda NFT ERC-721 tokens) to give a voice to the community.

1 NFT = 1 DAO Vote

Voters may access the Satoshi Panda DAO proposals that are available to vote on by going to our Snapshot page and switching to BNB Chain: https://snapshot.org/#/satoshipanda.eth

To ensure eligibility for voting, simply have at least 1 SPNFT in the wallet you wish to vote with.

As the ecosystem continues to grow, the DAO will have an increased role in determining the overall direction that our project takes. This will enable the Satoshi Panda DAO to embody embody the spirit of decentralization and community involvement to the ecosystem, with Satoshi Panda NFTs being the key to participating in the growth and evolution of our project.

DAO Voting: https://snapshot.org/#/satoshipanda.eth

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